Janet Zhiqun Xing

List of John Benjamins publications for which Janet Zhiqun Xing plays a role.


This study explores the typological regularity of semantic change in grammaticalization and lexicalization in Chinese and Germanic languages. Earlier studies, mostly done on Indo-European languages (e.g. Heine et al. 1991, Traugott & Dasher 2002), suggest that semantic change follows the cline… read more
Xing, Janet Zhiqun 2013 Semantic reanalysis in grammaticalization in ChineseIncreased Empiricism: Recent advances in Chinese Linguistics, Jing-Schmidt, Zhuo (ed.), pp. 223–246 | Article
In this study, the analysis of three processes of grammaticalization (verb > classifier, verb > auxiliary, and verb > preposition) provides evidence that semantic reanalysis is an independent mechanism of semantic change in grammaticalization (Gram) in Chinese. It will be argued that the… read more
Xing, Janet Zhiqun 2006 Mechanisms of semantic change in ChineseStudies in Language 30:3, pp. 461–483 | Article
This paper aims to investigate the mechanism of semantic change in the grammaticalization of Chinese verbs. It demonstrates with diachronic and synchronic evidence that subjectification affects every stage of semantic change in the grammaticalization of Chinese verbs, a somewhat different pattern… read more
This paper investigates pragmatic factors affecting the development of the focus particle lian in Mandarin Chinese. An analysis of lian’s evolution in historical texts demonstrates that lian’s semantic transformation from concrete activity to abstract grammatical meaning involved two major… read more
Myhill, John and Janet Zhiqun Xing 1996 Towards an Operational Definition of Discourse ContrastStudies in Language 20:2, pp. 303–360 | Article
Linguists have often invoked the concept of contrast in attempting to explain the use of certain constructions without explicitly defining this term. The present paper proposes an operational definition of contrast which can be applied to naturally occurring data so as to provide a more precise… read more