Gal Belsitzman

List of John Benjamins publications for which Gal Belsitzman plays a role.


Sandler, Wendy, Gal Belsitzman and Irit Meir 2020 Visual foreign accent in an emerging sign languageSpecial Issue in Memory of Irit Meir, Lillo-Martin, Diane, Wendy Sandler, Marie Coppola and Rose Stamp (eds.), pp. 233–257 | Article
In the study of sign language phonology, little attention has been paid to the phonetic detail that distinguishes one sign language from another. We approach this issue by studying the foreign accent of signers of a young sign language – Al-Sayyid Bedouin Sign Language (ABSL) – which is in… read more
Börstell, Carl, Ryan Lepic and Gal Belsitzman 2016 Articulatory plurality is a property of lexical plurals in sign languageLexical plurals and beyond, Lauwers, Peter and Marie Lammert (eds.), pp. 391–407 | Article
Sign languages make use of paired articulators (the two hands), hence manual signs may be either one- or two-handed. Although two-handedness has previously been regarded a purely formal feature, studies have argued morphologically two-handed forms are associated with some types of inflectional… read more
Lepic, Ryan, Carl Börstell, Gal Belsitzman and Wendy Sandler 2016 Taking meaning in hand: Iconic motivations in two-handed signsSign Language & Linguistics 19:1, pp. 37–81 | Article
Traditionally in sign language research, the issue of whether a lexical sign is articulated with one hand or two has been treated as a strictly phonological matter. We argue that accounting for two-handed signs also requires considering meaning as a motivating factor. We report results from a… read more