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Linguistic Theory and the Romance Languages

Edited by John Charles Smith and Martin Maiden

[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 122] 1995. xiii, 240 pp.
Subjects Romance linguistics


This study addresses the peculiar pattern of root-allomorphy exhibited by the Italo-Romance preterite. Stimulated by a recent study by Mark Elson, which depends on upholding the traditional view that the phenomenon in Italo-Romance is attributable to sound change and to the subsequent analogical… read more | Article
This study involves the existence in Megleno-Romanian dialects of a lexically suppletive distinction between singular and plural forms of the adjectives meaning ‘small’ and ‘big’. The phenomenon has gone largely unnoticed both by comparative Romance linguists and by morphological theorists yet it… read more | Article
The ‘third stem’ in the Latin verb provides one of Aronoff’s best-known illustrations of the notion of ‘morphome’: unpredictably variable in form, it is also consistently associated with an abstract and heterogeneous pattern of distribution. My perspective is diachronic, exploring the history of… read more | Article
Maiden, Martin 2012 A paradox? The morphological history of the Romance present subjunctiveInflection and Word Formation in Romance Languages, Gaglia, Sascha and Marc-Olivier Hinzelin (eds.), pp. 27–54
A major morphological innovation in the Latin-Romance transition was the appearance of alternations in the root of the verb. This study examines the complex morphological evolution of the alternants which arose from proto-Romance palatalization and became characteristic of the present subjunctive… read more | Article
This paper presents an initial comparative-historical synthesis of Romance affirmative imperative morphology. It explores its implications for morphological change generally. Imperatives emerge as a recurrent locus of suppletion and defectiveness, which can uniquely escape morphological changes… read more | Article
This study is concerned with Vegliote, the last remnant of the Dalmatian branch of the Romance languages, as used by its very last speaker in the last quarter of the 19th century. Specifically, I shall deal with a peculiar morphological neutralization of the distinction between present and past… read more | Article
Maiden, Martin 1995 Evidence from the Italian dialects for the internal structure of prosodic domainsLinguistic Theory and the Romance Languages, Smith, John Charles and Martin Maiden (eds.), pp. 115 ff.