Andreu Sentí

List of John Benjamins publications for which Andreu Sentí plays a role.


Sentí, Andreu and Bert Cornillie 2022 The rise of the evidential readings of the Catalan periphrasis deure  + infinitiveFrom Verbal Periphrases to Complex Predicates, Garachana Camarero, Mar, Sandra Montserrat Buendia and Claus Dieter Pusch (eds.), pp. 63–85 | Chapter
In Romance, epistemic readings of modal verbs have traditionally been dealt with in terms of probability or epistemic commitment of the speaker (Spanish deber, French devoir, Italian dovere). Over the last years, new contributions have suggested the shared epistemic and evidential nature of… read more
Epistemic modality and evidentiality are two categories that have not been clearly defined in the literature. In order to clarify the boundaries between them, I draw a detailed semantic map for Catalan modal verbs deure (‘must’), haver de (‘have to’) and poder (‘can/may’) in the Old period… read more
This chapter focuses on both syntagmatic (i.e. a neologism made by following syntactic rules) and vernacular compounding (i.e. a neologism made by following lexical rules). We have studied both kinds of neologisms collected in all Catalan nodes. Vernacular compounding is the fifth most frequent… read more