Denise Angelo

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Australian Contact Languages

Edited by Carmel O'Shannessy, Denise Angelo and Jane Simpson

Special issue of Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages 39:1 (2024) vi, 311 pp.


Angelo, Denise 2024 Indigenous Language Ecologies framework: A tool for inserting Indigenous contact languages and their speakers into policy in AustraliaAustralian Contact Languages, O'Shannessy, Carmel, Denise Angelo and Jane Simpson (eds.), pp. 34–70 | Article
Linguistic research with Indigenous communities over several decades has shown that Indigenous contact languages have a large presence in the contemporary Indigenous landscapes of Australia, but this is not reflected in an equitable presence in policy or programs. Policy has not taken up or… read more
O'Shannessy, Carmel, Denise Angelo and Jane Simpson 2024 Toward a typology of Australian contact languages: Towards a typology of Australian contact languagesAustralian Contact Languages, O'Shannessy, Carmel, Denise Angelo and Jane Simpson (eds.), pp. 1–33 | Introduction
Yeatman, Bernadine and Denise Angelo 2024 Recognising Yarrie Lingo, the creole language of Yarrabah community in far north-eastern Queensland AustraliaAustralian Contact Languages, O'Shannessy, Carmel, Denise Angelo and Jane Simpson (eds.), pp. 219–249 | Article
Yarrie Lingo is the local name for the English-lexified creole language spoken in the Aboriginal community of Yarrabah in far north-eastern Queensland, Australia. This creole has only recently been gaining recognition but it is the main language of everyday interactions in Yarrabah. This study… read more
O'Shannessy, Carmel and Denise Angelo 2023 Insights from the perspective of language ecologies and new contact languages in AustraliaEpistemological issue: The dynamics of bilingualism in language shift ecologies, Flores, Cristina and Neal Snape (eds.), pp. 88–92 | Commentary
The situations presented in the Grenoble & Osipov paper are compared and contrasted with some of those of endangered Indigenous languages contexts in Australia. We present a typology of Australian Indigenous language ecologies, and add discussion of a specific context that does not appear in… read more
Mushin, Ilana, Denise Angelo and Jennifer Munro 2016 Same but different: Understanding language contact in Queensland Indigenous settlementsLand and Language in Cape York Peninsula and the Gulf Country, Verstraete, Jean-Christophe and Diane Hafner (eds.), pp. 383–408 | Article
In this paper we examine the historical and social factors associated with language contact in three Queensland settlements – Yarrabah, Cherbourg and Woorabinda – and discuss the impact these may have had on the emergence of the English-lexified vernacular languages associated with these… read more
As part of the ‘Bridging the Language Gap’ project undertaken with 86 State and Catholic schools across Queensland, the language competencies of Indigenous students have been found to be ‘invisible’ in several key and self-reinforcing ways in school system data. A proliferation of inaccurate,… read more
The language ecologies of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in Queensland are characterised by widespread language shift to contact language varieties, yet they remain largely invisible in discourses involving Indigenous languages and education. This invisibility – its various… read more