Guyanne Wilson

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New Englishes, New Methods

Edited by Guyanne Wilson and Michael Westphal

[Varieties of English Around the World, G68] 2023. viii, 276 pp.
Subjects English linguistics | Germanic linguistics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology | Theoretical linguistics


Westphal, Michael and Guyanne Wilson 2023 Creole and power: A Critical Discourse Analysis of legal cross‑examinations in ICE Jamaica and ICE Trinidad and TobagoNew Englishes, New Methods, Wilson, Guyanne and Michael Westphal (eds.), pp. 84–106 | Chapter
The paper presents a Critical Discourse Analysis of Jamaican and Trinidadian legal-cross examinations, using data from the International Corpus of English. Although English is the dominant language of the courtroom, the analysis shows that Creole is used by both attorneys and witnesses. In… read more
Wilson, Guyanne and Michael Westphal 2023 Conclusion: New Englishes, new methods, new directionsNew Englishes, New Methods, Wilson, Guyanne and Michael Westphal (eds.), pp. 263–274 | Chapter
Wilson, Guyanne and Michael Westphal 2023 New Englishes new methods: An introductionNew Englishes, New Methods, Wilson, Guyanne and Michael Westphal (eds.), pp. 1–14 | Chapter
Wilson, Guyanne and Michael Westphal 2021 Attitudinal research into Caribbean Englishes: New Englishes, new methodsEnglish World-Wide 42:2, pp. 175–199 | Article
Language attitude research is crucial for a deeper understanding of New Englishes. However, the most common attitude research methods often cause problems when applied to New Englishes contexts. We discuss the benefits and challenges of different methods used in two attitude studies on the… read more