Nick Wilson

List of John Benjamins publications for which Nick Wilson plays a role.


Although swearing is often perceived as intrinsically offensive language, it is how swearing use is indexed against a person’s understanding of local social norms that constructs swearing as offensive. This paper presents an analysis of swearing within a social context where high frequency… read more
This chapter uses qualitative and quantitative analysis of interactions collected in a New Zealand rugby team to analyse the way in which pronominal choice impacts upon the social dynamics of leadership discourse. In particular, the pseudo-inclusive first person plural pronoun is examined in terms… read more
Struggle is inherent in social interaction and meaning making. The argument proposed in this chapter is that rugby coaches face a struggle when moving between private-facing (intra-team) and public-facing aspects of their leadership role, due largely to the need to adapt to shifts… read more
Smorti, Andrea, Anne McKeough, Enrica Ciucci, Michael Pyryt, Nick Wilson, Alex Sanderson and Tak Fung 2007 What shapes narrative thought? Effects of story type and cultureNarrative Inquiry 17:2, pp. 329–347 | Article
The primary aims of the study were to investigate the narrative strategies used by Italian and Canadian youth on progressive (improving interactions) and regressive (degenerating interactions) stories and to investigate potential differences in story interpretation across the two countries. Two… read more