Angela Hahn

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L3 Syntactic Transfer: Models, new developments and implications

Edited by Tanja Angelovska and Angela Hahn

[Bilingual Processing and Acquisition, 5] 2017. x, 329 pp.
Subjects Cognition and language | Language acquisition | Multilingualism | Psycholinguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Angelovska, Tanja and Angela Hahn 2017 L3 syntactic transfer – an integrative approachL3 Syntactic Transfer: Models, new developments and implications, Angelovska, Tanja and Angela Hahn (eds.), pp. 1–9
In the field of Instructed Third Language Acquisition (ITLA), teachers are left alone not knowing how to predict possible transfer phenomena, how to overcome them and how to raise their learners’ metalinguistic awareness. We start from the existing results and non-results of L3 acquisition… read more | Chapter