Lucía Loureiro-Porto

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Democratization is often invoked as an explanatory factor for diachronic linguistic developments. We believe that at the root of democratization often lies the pragmatic negotiation of power relations, whereby a more democratic use of language can reduce the distance between addresser and… read more
Loureiro-Porto, Lucía 2019 Grammaticalization of semi-modals of necessity in Asian EnglishesEnglish World-Wide 40:2, pp. 115–143 | Article
The decline of central modal must and the increase in frequency of the semi-modals have (got) to, need (to), and want to is one of the most conspicuous grammatical changes that inner-circle varieties of English underwent in the second half of the 20th century. Such a replacement correlates with… read more
Loureiro-Porto, Lucía 2016 (Semi-)modals of necessity in Hong Kong and Indian EnglishesWorld Englishes: New theoretical and methodological considerations, Seoane, Elena and Cristina Suárez-Gómez (eds.), pp. 143–172 | Article
In Standard Englishes the semi-modals need (to), want to and have to are gaining ground over central modals such as must (Leech 2013, for example). As a means of exploring the status of these verbs in Hong Kong and Indian Englishes, this paper analyses must, need (to), want to and have to from both… read more
The terms subjectification, intersubjectification and construction are very often used in relation to grammaticalisation, although the relationship between them is not always clear. Subjectification is said to occur both within grammaticalisation and out of it. Constructions, in turn, have recently… read more
This paper is concerned with OE and ME need v.1, ‘compel, force’ and need v.2, ‘be necessary, need’. It analyses a 2.4 million-word corpus of OE and ME with regard to three factors: relative frequency of both verbs in the two periods, their syntactic properties, and their semantic implications,… read more