Luciane Corrêa Ferreira

List of John Benjamins publications for which Luciane Corrêa Ferreira plays a role.


Corrêa Ferreira, Luciane and Desirée de Almeida Oliveira 2020 How learners of Portuguese as an additional language talk about their experience from a cognitive perspectiveLinguistic Approaches to Portuguese as an Additional Language, Molsing, Karina Veronica, Cristina Becker Lopes Perna and Ana Maria Tramunt Ibaños (eds.), pp. 149–164 | Chapter
This study aims to investigate how international students at a Brazilian university conceptualize their experience of learning Portuguese as an Additional Language (PAL). In the light of Cognitive Linguistics and at an interface with Applied Linguistics, we identify, analyze, and interpret… read more
Gibbs, Jr., Raymond W. and Luciane Corrêa Ferreira 2011 Do people infer the entailments of conceptual metaphors during verbal metaphor understanding?Cognitive Linguistics: Convergence and Expansion, Brdar, Mario, Stefan Th. Gries and Milena Žic Fuchs (eds.), pp. 221–236 | Article
One of the central claims of conceptual metaphor theory is that metaphorical mappings from source to target domains express a rich set of correspondences or entailments. We present the results of a psychological experiment that suggests people can recognize certain metaphorical inferences about a… read more