Peter A. Kraus

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Subjects Applied linguistics | Language policy | Multilingualism | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology


Kraus, Peter A. and Melanie Frank 2022 Chapter 7. The politics of inclusion, citizenship and multilingualismAdvances in Interdisciplinary Language Policy, Grin, François, László Marácz and Nike K. Pokorn (eds.), pp. 129–150 | Chapter
Our chapter deals with the emergence of new linguistic identities in connection with the dynamics of Europeanisation and transnationalisation. Against this background, we discuss whether and in what way the interplay of old and new patterns of linguistic diversity is affecting the trade-off… read more
Grin, François and Peter A. Kraus 2018 Chapter 1. The politics of multilingualism: General introduction and overviewThe Politics of Multilingualism: Europeanisation, globalisation and linguistic governance, Kraus, Peter A. and François Grin (eds.), pp. 1–16 | Chapter
The chapter assesses the politics of multilingualism in contemporary Europe by focusing on the role of options and ligatures in the framing of linguistic identities. Whereas nation-state construction mostly entailed the establishment of monolingual spaces that should make for a convergence of… read more
The article offers a critical assessment of the approach adopted by the European Union (EU) to dealing with linguistic diversity. On the one hand, the path to European integration has been marked from the beginning by an explicit commitment to protecting cultural and linguistic diversity. On the… read more