Gerrit Jan Kootstra

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We examined the extent to which cognate facilitation effects occurred in simultaneous bilingual children’s production and comprehension and how these were modulated by language dominance and language context. Bilingual Dutch-German children, ranging from Dutch-dominant to German-dominant, performed… read more | Article
Hell, Janet G. van, Carla B. Fernandez, Gerrit Jan Kootstra, Kaitlyn A. Litcofsky and Caitlin Y. Ting 2018 Electrophysiological and experimental-behavioral approaches to the study of intra-sentential code-switchingMethodologies for intra-sentential code-switching research, Munarriz-Ibarrola, Amaia, M. Carmen Parafita Couto and Emma Vanden Wyngaerd (eds.), pp. 134–161
A hallmark of bilingual language processing is intra-sentential code-switching. An emergent body of research seeks to understand the intricate neural and cognitive mechanisms that underlie this seemingly effortless skill. In this paper, we discuss electrophysiological and experimental-behavioral… read more | Article
Kootstra, Gerrit Jan, Janet G. van Hell and Ton Dijkstra 2009 6. Two speakers, one dialogue: An interactive alignment perspective on code-switching in bilingual speakersMultidisciplinary Approaches to Code Switching, Isurin, Ludmila, Donald Winford and Kees de Bot (eds.), pp. 129–159