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On Spoken French: An Ashby Reader

William J. Ashby

[Studies in Language Companion Series, 226] 2023. xiv, 534 pp.
Subjects Corpus linguistics | Historical linguistics | Phonology | Romance linguistics | Theoretical linguistics


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Although the standard French norm prescribes that negation is marked twice in the verb phrase (ne…pas), contemporary usage prefers to drop the first element (ne) in Spoken French. In a 1981 article based on a corpus of Spoken French recorded in Tours in 1976, Ashby brought to light a significant… read more
Fonseca-Greber, Bonnie B. 2023 A data-driven glossing philosophy of Spoken French: Variable, radical prefixal glossingOn Spoken French: An Ashby Reader, Ashby, William J., pp. 29–54 | Chapter
Fonseca-Greber, Bonnie B. 2023 Section 8. Coda: The next generation or passing the torchOn Spoken French: An Ashby Reader, Ashby, William J., pp. 479–516 | Section header
Fonseca-Greber, Bonnie B. 2023 Appendix. An incomplete list of Spoken French Corpora through the yearsOn Spoken French: An Ashby Reader, Ashby, William J., pp. 519–528 | Miscellaneous
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