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Interpersonal Meaning: Systemic Functional Linguistics perspectives

Edited by J.R. Martin

Special issue of Functions of Language 25:1 (2018) v, 204 pp.
Subjects Corpus linguistics | Discourse studies | Functional linguistics | Pragmatics | Theoretical linguistics

Language Typology: A functional perspective

Edited by Alice Caffarel-Cayron, J.R. Martin and Christian M.I.M. Matthiessen

[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 253] 2004. xiv, 702 pp.
Subjects Functional linguistics | Semantics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics | Typology
Subjects Discourse studies | Functional linguistics | Pragmatics

English Text: System and structure

J.R. Martin

[Not in series, 59] 1992. xiv, 620 pp.
Subjects Discourse studies | English linguistics | Germanic linguistics | Pragmatics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Martin, J.R. and Priscilla Cruz 2024 Acknowledging dispossession: A CDA/PDA perspective on discourse dealing with unceded landThe Social Semiotic Forum: Special issue of the Journal Language, Context and Text 6:1 (2024), Thomson, Elizabeth A., Awni Etaywe, Ingrid Wijeyewardene and Penny Wheeler (eds.), pp. 60–87 | Article
This paper illustrates what can be revealed by a linguistic analysis of the discourse strategies deployed in a bilingual text acknowledging the dispossession of Indigenous peoples in Mindanao (Philippines). The analysis draws on systemic functional linguistics (SFL) descriptions of English,… read more
Martin, J.R. and Y. J. Doran 2023 Structure markers: A subjacency duplex analysisLanguage, Context and Text 5:1, pp. 16–48 | Article
In this paper we revisit the association of types of structure with modes of meaning in systemic functional linguistics (SFL). Focusing mainly on nominal group grammar, we argue that the association of experiential structure with non-recursive systems realised by multivariate structures and… read more
Martin, J.R., Yanmei Gao, Hanbing Li, Chengfang Song and Minglong Wei 2021 Martin on discourse semantics, genre, educational linguisticsLanguage, Context and Text 3:2, pp. 367–387 | Article
J. R. Martin is a leading scholar who has greatly developed the theoretical framework of systemic functional linguistics (SFL) over the past four decades. Some of these contributions, such as the systems of discourse semantics, the appraisal framework and genre relations have been widely applied… read more
If we follow one line of development in systemic functional linguistics (SFL), from Halliday & Hasan (1976) through Martin (1992) to Martin & White (2005), we arrive at a model of discourse semantics with six major systems: ideation and connexion (ideational meaning), identification and… read more
This introduction comprises four main sections. Section 1 introduces the overall theoretical architecture of Systemic Functional Linguistics (hereafter SFL) by way of contextualising the focus on interpersonal grammar in this special issue. Section 2 looks in more detail at the interpersonal… read more
In this paper the interpersonal grammar of Tagalog is explored from the perspective of Systemic Functional Linguistics. Following a brief metafunctional profile of Tagalog grammar, a framework for interpreting the discourse function of Tagalog clauses is introduced – exchange structure.… read more
Caffarel-Cayron, Alice, J.R. Martin and Christian M.I.M. Matthiessen 2004 1. Introduction: Systemic functional typologyLanguage Typology: A functional perspective, Caffarel-Cayron, Alice, J.R. Martin and Christian M.I.M. Matthiessen (eds.), pp. 1–76 | Article
Martin, J.R. 2004 5. Metafunctional profile of the grammar of TagalogLanguage Typology: A functional perspective, Caffarel-Cayron, Alice, J.R. Martin and Christian M.I.M. Matthiessen (eds.), pp. 255–304 | Article
Martin, J.R. 2003 PrefaceGrammatical Metaphor: Views from systemic functional linguistics, Simon-Vandenbergen, Anne-Marie, Miriam Taverniers and Louise J. Ravelli (eds.), pp. 1–3 | Miscellaneous
Martin, J.R. 2003 Making history: Grammar for interpretationRe/reading the past: Critical and functional perspectives on time and value, Martin, J.R. and Ruth Wodak (eds.), pp. 19–57 | Article
Martin, J.R. and Ruth Wodak 2003 IntroductionRe/reading the past: Critical and functional perspectives on time and value, Martin, J.R. and Ruth Wodak (eds.), pp. 1–16 | Miscellaneous
Martin, J.R. 1996 Metalinguistic Diversity: The case from caseFunctional Descriptions: Theory in practice, Hasan, Ruqaiya †, Carmel Cloran and David Butt (eds.), pp. 323 ff. | Article
In this paper the linking particle {nal-ng} in Tagalog is interpreted from the perspective of systemic functional linguistics. It is suggested that Tagalog's deployment of this particle to depend one unit on another across a range of grammatical environments argues for a grammatical theory in which… read more
Martin, J.R. 1992 Macro-Proposals: Meaning by DegreeDiscourse Description: Diverse linguistic analyses of a fund-raising text, Mann, William C. and Sandra A. Thompson (eds.), pp. 359 ff. | Article
Martin, J.R. 1988 Grammatical conspiracies in tagalog: Family, face and fate — with regard to benjamin lee whorfLinguistics in a Systemic Perspective, Benson, James D., Michael J. Cummings and William S. Greaves (eds.), pp. 243 ff. | Article