France Martineau

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Negation and Polarity: Syntax and semantics. Selected papers from the colloquium Negation: Syntax and Semantics. Ottawa, 11–13 May 1995

Edited by Danielle Forget, Paul Hirschbühler, France Martineau and María Luisa Rivero

[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 155] 1997. viii, 367 pp.
Subjects Generative linguistics | Semantics | Syntax


Martineau, France and Sandrine Tailleur 2014 From local to supra-local: Hybridity in French written documents from the nineteenth centuryNorms and Usage in Language History, 1600–1900: A sociolinguistic and comparative perspective, Rutten, Gijsbert, Rik Vosters and Wim Vandenbussche (eds.), pp. 223–248 | Article
This article discusses the ‘hybrid’ writing practices of two socially distinct (groups of) writers from nineteenth century French Canada; we specifically focus on their acceptance of (supra-)local language norms. We argue that the writers from the well-known bourgeois Papineau family progressively… read more
Martineau, France 2013 Written documents: What they tell us about linguistic usageTouching the Past: Studies in the historical sociolinguistics of ego-documents, Wal, Marijke J. van der and Gijsbert Rutten (eds.), pp. 129–148 | Article
This paper explains why large historical sociolinguistic corpora are needed to interpret traces of spoken features through the written medium. To support this, the eighteenth-century personal diary of a small merchant is compared with other documents to show that the diary displays a number of… read more
Martineau, France 2009 Modeling change: A historical sociolinguistics perspective on French negationCorpus Analysis and Variation in Linguistics, Kawaguchi, Yuji, Makoto Minegishi and Jacques Durand (eds.), pp. 159–178 | Article
Martineau, France and Virginia Motapanyane 2000 Infinitive Subordinators and Verb Restructuring in FrenchNew Approaches to Old Problems: Issues in Romance historical linguistics, Dworkin, Steven N. and Dieter Wanner (eds.), pp. 217 ff. | Chapter
Martineau, France and Virginia Motapanyane 1996 Hypothetical infinitives and crosslinguistic variation in continental and Québec FrenchMicroparametric Syntax and Dialect Variation, Black, James R. and Virginia Motapanyane (eds.), pp. 145 ff. | Article
Martineau, France 1989 Les Clitiques en et Y dans les Causatives en FaireLingvisticæ Investigationes 13:2, pp. 333–350 | Article
It is proposed that, in French causative constructions, the clitic is attached to the verb which governs it and that the embedded verb cannot govern its complements after having been preposed. The clitics en and y, when associated with positions which are subcategorized by the embedded verb, can… read more