Daniela Schlager

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Literary Translator Studies

Edited by Klaus Kaindl, Waltraud Kolb and Daniela Schlager

[Benjamins Translation Library, 156] 2021. vii, 313 pp.
Subjects Theoretical literature & literary studies | Translation Studies


Schlager, Daniela and Hanna Risku 2023 Contextualising translation expertise: Lived practice and social constructionCognitive Translation and Interpreting Studies in the Early Twenty First Century, García, Adolfo M., Edinson Muñoz and Néstor Singer (eds.), pp. 230–251 | Article
Translation expertise has been discussed intensely in (cognitive) translation studies. Most research has been conducted in laboratory settings, attempting to discern the differences between experienced translators (‘experts’) and lesser experienced translators. This has resulted in valuable, yet… read more
Schlager, Daniela 2021 Chapter 10. Translators’ multipositionality, teloi and goals: The case of Harriet MartineauLiterary Translator Studies, Kaindl, Klaus, Waltraud Kolb and Daniela Schlager (eds.), pp. 199–214 | Chapter