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Chacon, Thiago Costa and Carol Genetti 2019 Grammatical relations in KubeoArgument Selectors: A new perspective on grammatical relations, Witzlack-Makarevich, Alena and Balthasar Bickel (eds.), pp. 1–34 | Chapter
This paper describes a number of argument selectors for grammatical relations in Kubeo, an Eastern Tukanoan language spoken in the Vaupes River area in Northwestern Amazonia. The main selectors discussed in this paper are: verbal agreement, case marking, constituent ordering, causative,… read more
Genetti, Carol 2013 Tense-aspect morphology from nominalizers in NewarFunctional-Historical Approaches to Explanation: In honor of Scott DeLancey, Thornes, Tim, Erik Andvik, Gwendolyn Hyslop and Joana Jansen (eds.), pp. 195–220 | Article
This paper examines the historical status of tense-aspect suffixes in the Kathmandu Valley and Eastern branches of Newar. By comparing across branches and triangulating with Classical Newar, the paper demonstrates that the innovative past anterior and present tense markers in Eastern Newar were… read more
Genetti, Carol and Rebekka Siemens 2013 Training as empowering social action: An ethical response to language endangermentResponses to Language Endangerment: In honor of Mickey Noonan, Mihas, Elena, Bernard Perley, Gabriel Rei-Doval and Kathleen Wheatley (eds.), pp. 59–78 | Article
A recent response to language endangerment has been the rise of training programs in language documentation and conservation. Here we consider the position of training activities within the sociology of language documentation and conservation (LDC) work, specifically focusing on paradigms of… read more
Genetti, Carol 2011 Nominalization in Tibeto-Burman languages of the Himalayan area: A typological perspectiveNominalization in Asian Languages: Diachronic and typological perspectives, Yap, Foong Ha, Karen Grunow-Hårsta and Janick Wrona (eds.), pp. 163–194 | Article
Tibeto-Burman languages exhibit an interesting composite of behavior in nominalized structures. In particular, these languages make extensive use of clausal nominalization (found in attributive phrases, complementation, relative clauses, and independent utterances), as well as derivational… read more
The terms “(clause) chaining” and “converbal constructions” are used for the classification of similar types of clause linkage. Chaining is generally used for constructions which do not entail subordination, while converbs are defined as subordinate. In Dolakhā Newar adverbial and “participial”… read more
Genetti, Carol and Laura D. Crain 2003 Beyond Preferred Argument Structure: Sentences, pronouns, and given referents in NepaliPreferred Argument Structure: Grammar as architecture for function, Du Bois, John W., Lorraine E. Kumpf and William J. Ashby (eds.), pp. 197–223 | Article
Genetti, Carol 1997 Object Relations and Dative Case in Dolakha NewariStudies in Language 21:1, pp. 37–68 | Article
In Dolakha Newari, the dative case marks recipients of ditransitive verbs and some patients of monotransitive verbs. Quantative studies show that animacy and activation cost are both relevant in determining the distribution of dative case. Two theories on the syntactic status of objects in systems… read more
Genetti, Carol 1991 From postposition to subordinator in NewariApproaches to Grammaticalization: Volume II. Types of grammatical markers, Traugott, Elizabeth Closs and Bernd Heine (eds.), pp. 227 ff. | Article
Genetti, Carol 1988 A syntactic correlate of topicality in Newari narrativeClause Combining in Grammar and Discourse, Haiman, John and Sandra A. Thompson (eds.), pp. 29 ff. | Article