Hélène Delage

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A growing trend in developmental psycholinguistics is to relate linguistic development to the development of other cognitive systems. Jakubowicz (2005, 2011) in particular argued that the processing of a complex sentence requires considerable working memory (WM) resources and that these… read more
The performance of 122 children on syntactic awareness of clitics and articles in French was examined. Three clinical groups (21 children with ASD, 22 children with SLI, 23 children with DD) and a group of 56 younger children with TD were studied. On the article task, children with ASD obtained… read more
Silleresi, Silvia, Laurie Tuller, Hélène Delage, Stephanie Durrleman, Frédérique Bonnet-Brilhault, Joëlle Malvy and Philippe Prévost 2018 Sentence repetition and language impairment in French-speaking children with ASDOn the Acquisition of the Syntax of Romance, Gavarró, Anna (ed.), pp. 235–258 | Chapter
This study investigates formal language abilities in French-speaking children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We report on the usefulness of the LITMUS-Sentence-Repetition-French task in distinguishing children with impaired language (ASD-LI) from children with normal language (ASD-LN). We… read more