Kazuko Matsumoto

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Subjects Discourse studies | Functional linguistics | Phonetics | Pragmatics | Theoretical linguistics


This paper reports results from a reinvestigation of multilingualism in postcolonial Palau, conducted twenty years after the first study. The first-ever ethnographic language survey conducted in 1997–1998 highlighted the diglossic nature of Palau where English replaced Japanese as the ‘high’… read more
Matsumoto, Kazuko 2000 Japanese intonation units and syntactic structureStudies in Language 24:3, pp. 515–564 | Article
This paper examines the preferred syntactic structure of the idea-conveying substantive “intonation unit” (IU) in conversational Japanese. It was found that (a) the clause is the syntactic exponent of the Japanese substantive IU; (b) the clauses are overwhelmingly single-IU clauses rather than… read more
This paper examines informal face-to-face, two-party conversations in Japanese in order to explore the relationship between intonation units and functional composition. Specifically, the present study investigates the preferred functional structure of substantive intonation units that convey ideas… read more
Matsumoto, Kazuko 1997 NPs in Japanese conversationPragmatics 7:2, pp. 163–181 | Article