Ella Wehrmeyer

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Advances in Sign Language Corpus Linguistics

Edited by Ella Wehrmeyer

[Studies in Corpus Linguistics, 108] 2023. xxii, 389 pp.
Subjects Corpus linguistics | Signed languages | Theoretical linguistics


Taking the 2004 LREC Workshop on the Representation and Processing of Sign Languages (Streiter & Vettori 2004) as the watershed, this chapter takes stock of the development of sign language corpus linguistics over the past twenty years. After dispelling myths about sign languages, the chapter… read more
This chapter presents a pioneer exploration of verb categories in South African Sign Language (SASL), using a corpus of authentic naturalistic narrative data. The paucity of linguistic descriptions of SASL meant that a theoretical basis for the study was derived using models developed for other… read more
Wehrmeyer, Ella 2022 Psycholinguistic errors in signed simultaneous interpretingInterpreting 24:2, pp. 192–220 | Article
In this article, errors and repairs in a corpus of English news broadcasts interpreted simultaneously into South African Sign Language are explored from a psycholinguistic perspective according to Levelt’s (1989) cognitive levels (comprehension, conceptualisation, formulation, morphological… read more
Until now, investigations of strategies used by signed language interpreters in the simultaneous mode have been sporadic and restricted to analyses of short transcripts. This article presents the first corpus-driven exploration of interpreter additions in news broadcasts simultaneously… read more
This study offers a unique contribution through the construction of an annotated text-based sign language interpreting corpus and its application in analyzing shifts (defined as deviations from source semantic content), which in turn enables researchers to identify and categorize interpreter… read more
Until recently, the translator’s personality was a relatively unexplored area of research, but growing evidence points to the influence of personality on the translator’s decisions. Although findings are not always statistically significant, empirical research indicates that professional… read more
Concerted attention in sign language linguistics has focused on finding ways to document signs. Until now, most notation systems rely on a complex plethora of symbols and are under-specific, to the extent that visual images are still the most widely accepted way of recording primary data. This… read more
Wehrmeyer, Ella 2019 A corpus for signed language interpreting researchInterpreting 21:1, pp. 62–90 | Article
Because of the visual nature of signed language, the compilation of a signed language interpreting corpus along the lines of spoken-language interpreting corpora has been viewed as extremely challenging, if not impossible. This study offers a unique contribution in the construction of a… read more
This questionnaire-based study evaluates interpretations of TV news broadcasts into South African Sign Language from the perspective of 360 adult Deaf respondents, who identify factors hindering comprehension. Methodologically, findings are based on both open-ended and closed questions. The… read more