Eduardo García-Fernández

List of John Benjamins publications for which Eduardo García-Fernández plays a role.


García-Fernández, Eduardo 2022 Chapter 9. Intonational form and speaker belief in Mieres Asturian polar questionsSound, Syntax and Contact in the Languages of Asturias, Lorenzo, Guillermo (ed.), pp. 173–194 | Chapter
Speakers can use distinct intonation contours in polar questions to convey information about ‘degree of commitment.’ The present study analyzes the intonational variation in Mieres Asturian polar questions and explores whether speakers encode information about their belief states intonationally.… read more
Sánchez-Alvarado, Covadonga, Alba Arias Alvarez, Eduardo García-Fernández, Isaac McAlister and Meghan E. Armstrong 2018 Chapter 13. Mothers’ use of F0 after the first year of life in American English and Peninsular SpanishContemporary Trends in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics: Selected papers from the Hispanic Linguistic Symposium 2015, MacDonald, Jonathan E. (ed.), pp. 281–308 | Chapter
Infant-directed speech has been shown to be different from adult-directed speech in that it is generally characterized by short, acoustically exaggerated (e.g. higher F0 peaks, wider F0 range) utterances (Fernald et al., 1989; Kitamura et al., 2001, inter alia). Thus, at some point parents begin to… read more