Hélène Buzelin

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Over the past thirty years, crime fiction, children’s literature, comics and, to a lesser extent, romance novels have received growing attention from translation scholars. Drawing on an analysis of this translation studies literature and interviews conducted with translators working in different… read more
Buzelin, Hélène 2018 Chapter 5.9. Sociological models and translation historyA History of Modern Translation Knowledge: Sources, concepts, effects, D’hulst, Lieven and Yves Gambier (eds.), pp. 337–346 | Chapter
Buzelin, Hélène and Claudio Baraldi 2016 Sociology and translation studies: Two disciplines meetingBorder Crossings: Translation Studies and other disciplines, Gambier, Yves and Luc van Doorslaer (eds.), pp. 117–140 | Article
This chapter presents a collaboration between a sociologist and a translation scholar. Reflecting on the transdisciplinarity of translation and interpreting studies, the authors highlight differences, similarities and connections between this ‘interdiscipline’ and sociology. It starts with a record… read more
In a seminal contribution published in Target in 1998, Daniel Simeoni argued for a habitus-governed model of explanation for translation and suggested that subservience might be a defining feature of this habitus, a primordial norm. The objective of the present article is twofold. First, it aims to… read more
Buzelin, Hélène 2012 Sapiro, Gisèle, dir. 2008. Translatio. Le marché de la traduction en France àl’heure de la mondialisationThe Known Unknowns of Translation Studies, Brems, Elke, Reine Meylaerts and Luc van Doorslaer (eds.), pp. 172–177 | Review
Buzelin, Hélène 2011 Agents of translationHandbook of Translation Studies: Volume 2, Gambier, Yves and Luc van Doorslaer (eds.), pp. 6–12 | Article
Buzelin, Hélène 2007 Translations 'in the making'Constructing a Sociology of Translation, Wolf, Michaela and Alexandra Fukari (eds.), pp. 135–169 | Article
Based on the presentation of an ongoing research program inspired by the works of the French philosopher and anthropologist Bruno Latour – a program that consists of following translation projects “in the making” in three Montréal-based independent publishing houses – this article discusses the… read more
Buzelin, Hélène 2007 Translation studies, ethnography and the production of knowledgeIn Translation – Reflections, Refractions, Transformations, St-Pierre, Paul and Prafulla C. Kar (eds.), pp. 39–56 | Article
Si l’hétérolinguisme littéraire est aujourd’hui une chose reconnue et un phénomène amplement étudié par les critiques, les défis qu’implique la traduction, au sens le plus concret, de cette esthétique ont été encore peu abordés. Cet article tente d’apporter une contribution dans ce sens. Fondé sur… read more