Tullio De Mauro †

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Subjects Comparative linguistics | Historical linguistics | History of linguistics | Philosophy


The last of the three series of lectures on general linguistics which Saussure gave in Geneva during the academic year 1910–1911 provided the editors large portions of the text of the Cours de linguistique générale. However, the editors completely modified the order of these parts in relation to… read more
De Mauro, Tullio † 1990 AfterwordLeibniz, Humboldt, and the Origins of Comparativism: Proceedings of the international conference, Rome, 25–28 September 1986, De Mauro, Tullio † and Lia Formigari (eds.), pp. 301 ff. | Miscellaneous
De Mauro, Tullio † 1978 Stato attuale della semanticaXIV Congresso Internationale di Linguistica e Filologia Romanza: Napoli, 15–20 Aprile 1974. ATTI, Varvaro, Alberto (ed.), pp. I-103–I-116 | Article