David Eddington

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Subjects Morphology | Phonology | Romance linguistics | Theoretical linguistics


In an experiment, Spanish speakers assigned gender to nouns. Some nouns had biological referents. Others had a mismatch between their gender and their final phones (e.g. problema). Nouns with biological referents and nouns with matching gender and phonology were responded to faster suggesting… read more
Derwing, Bruce L. and David Eddington 2014 The experimental investigation of syllable structureWords & Constructions: Language complexity in linguistics and psychology, Järvikivi, Juhani, Pirita Pyykkönen-Klauck and Matti Laine (eds.), pp. 170–195 | Article
This paper is a selective state-of-the-art report on a variety of issues related to the adoption of experimental methods to the study of syllable structure. The rationale for an experimental approach is presented in the first section, followed by a brief section on of some of the main theoretical… read more
deber deber de Deber Juan debe presentarse al trabajo mañana deber de Juan debe de tener unos 30 años deber de deber deber (de) deber deber de deber de deber deber de deber de de -n -s deber de read more
Eddington, David 2002 6. A comparison of two analogical models: Tilburg Memory-Based Learner versus Analogical ModelingAnalogical Modeling: An exemplar-based approach to language, Skousen, Royal, Deryle Lonsdale and Dilworth B. Parkinson (eds.), pp. 141–155 | Chapter