Megan DiBartolomeo

List of John Benjamins publications for which Megan DiBartolomeo plays a role.


DiBartolomeo, Megan, Vanessa Elias and Daniel Jung 2023 Chapter 3. Situational and contextual variation in the development of Spanish apologies during short-term study abroadStudy Abroad and the Second Language Acquisition of Sociolinguistic Variation in Spanish, Zahler, Sara L., Avizia Y. Long and Bret Linford (eds.), pp. 82–109 | Chapter
This study investigates the effect of instruction and micro-social factors (social distance and power) on learners’ production of L2 Spanish apologies during a 6-week immersion program in Spain. It also explores whether learners are able to apply semantic formulas learned for one speech act… read more
Félix-Brasdefer, J. César and Megan DiBartolomeo 2021 Chapter 14. Developing advanced pragmatic competence in SpanishAdvancedness in Second Language Spanish: Definitions, challenges, and possibilities, Menke, Mandy R. and Paul A. Malovrh (eds.), pp. 323–348 | Chapter
This chapter provides an overview of the fundamental concepts in second language (L2) pragmatics, offering detailed descriptions of the challenges associated with the acquisition of pragmatics in advanced Spanish learners. It provides a discussion of speech acts and the comprehension of indirect… read more