Wolfram Hinzen

List of John Benjamins publications for which Wolfram Hinzen plays a role.



Hinzen, Wolfram 2022 Rethinking the role of language in autismAutism, Language, Communication and Cognition, Durrleman, Stephanie (ed.), pp. 129–151 | Article
Linguists have long sought to draw support from developmental disorders like Williams Syndrome (WS) and Specific Language Impairment (SLI) for linguistic theories and the modularity of language in particular. Linguistic diversity in the autism spectrum (ASD) has received comparatively little… read more
Hinzen, Wolfram, Michelle Sheehan and Ulrich Reichard 2014 Intensionality, grammar, and the sententialist hypothesisMinimalism and Beyond: Radicalizing the interfaces, Kosta, Peter, Steven L. Franks, Teodora Radeva-Bork and Lilia Schürcks (eds.), pp. 315–349 | Article
Intensionality, the apparent failure of a normal referential interpretation of nominals in embedded positions, is a phenomenon that is pervasive in human language. It has been a foundational problem for semantics, defining a significant part of its agenda. Here we address the explanatory question… read more