Filip Verroens

List of John Benjamins publications for which Filip Verroens plays a role.


De Clerck, Bernard, Filip Verroens, Dominique Willems and Timothy Colleman 2011 The syntactic flexibility of (new) verbs of instrument of communication: A corpus-based studyFunctions of Language 18:1, pp. 57–86 | Article
In this paper, the structural possibilities of well-established ‘verbs of instruments of communication’ (Levin 1993) such as telephone, fax and telegraph are compared with the syntactic possibilities of recent newcomers to the field such as skype and blackberry. The analysis, which is based on… read more
Verroens, Filip, Bernard De Clerck et Dominique Willems 2010 I blackberried him twice and skyped him a happy Father’s day: A propos des (nouveaux) verbes de Communication. Une étude contrastive français – anglais basée sur corpusFrench Syntax in Contrast, Lahousse, Karen, Béatrice Lamiroy and Kristel Van Goethem (eds.), pp. 285–306 | Article
In this article we zoom in on the Verbs of Instrument of Communication (B. Levin 1993) in English and French and address a number of interesting issues. We examine the structural possibilities of the old and new Verbs of Instrument of Communication in comparison with one another and across the two… read more