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Standardization: Studies from the Germanic languages

Edited by Andrew R. Linn and Nicola McLelland

[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 235] 2002. xii, 258 pp.
Subjects Germanic linguistics | Historical linguistics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology


This article examines Johann Christoph Adelung’s English–German dictionary (1783, 1796). The dictionary deserves our attention because it was undertaken by the author of a ground–breaking German dictionary (Adelung 1774–86, 21793–1801), working from Samuel Johnson’s equally epoch–making English… read more
Fifty years after two of the first overviews of the history of language teaching (Titone 1968, Kelly 1969), this paper highlights the value of the history of language learning and teaching (HoLLT) to the history of linguistics, from three perspectives: (1) theoretical and descriptive insights;… read more
Foreign language learning manuals can be valuable sources for the history of pragmatics and historical pragmatics. They may contain explicit guidance on pragmatics not found in native-speaker grammars. For example, accounts of German forms of address in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century… read more
McLelland, Nicola 2014 Language description, prescription and usage in seventeenth-century GermanNorms and Usage in Language History, 1600–1900: A sociolinguistic and comparative perspective, Rutten, Gijsbert, Rik Vosters and Wim Vandenbussche (eds.), pp. 251–276 | Article
This chapter examines the relationship between language prescription and language use in seventeenth-century German, reporting on a corpus investigation of the influence (or otherwise) of the leading grammarian Justus Georg Schottelius (1612–1676) on language usage. Drawing on a variety of corpora… read more
This article applies a well-established variant of intertextuality theory, trans­textuality (Genette 1982), to Schottelius’s Ausführliche Arbeit der Teutschen HaubtSprache (1663), in order to show the potential of such an approach in lin­guistic historiography. read more
This article re-evaluates the significance of the 17th-century grammarian Justus Georgius Schottelius (1612–1676) not just for German linguistic thought (where the importance of his cultural-patriotic Spracharbeit and his contribution to grammatography and lexicography is undisputed), but also in… read more
McLelland, Nicola and Andrew R. Linn 2002 IntroductionStandardization: Studies from the Germanic languages, Linn, Andrew R. and Nicola McLelland (eds.), pp. vii ff. | Miscellaneous
This article adapts Linn’s ‘stylistics of standardization’ concept, which Linn (1998) has used to compare Norwegian and Faroese grammarians, to look at grammaticization processes in the first two grammars of German (Albertus 1573, Ölinger 1574). While both are clearly indebted to traditional… read more