Sara L. Zahler

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Subjects Applied linguistics | Language acquisition | Language teaching | Multilingualism | Romance linguistics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology


Zahler, Sara L. and Danielle Daidone 2023 Chapter 9. Individual differences do not affect trill variation by advanced learners of SpanishInnovative Approaches to Research in Hispanic Linguistics: Regional, diachronic, and learner profile variation, Fernández Cuenca, Sara, Tiffany Judy and Lauren Miller (eds.), pp. 196–224 | Chapter
The current study analyzed whether variation in trill pronunciation by advanced learners of Spanish is conditioned by individual differences in phonological short-term memory, executive working memory, second language vocabulary score, and years of study, as well as five linguistic variables. We… read more
This study examines the variation between the preterit and present perfect among 43 learners studying abroad in Chile and Spain. We compared their results to those of 105 Spanish learners in the at-home university context to determine whether our learners approached regional norms or if they… read more
Zahler, Sara L., Avizia Y. Long and Bret Linford 2023 IntroductionStudy Abroad and the Second Language Acquisition of Sociolinguistic Variation in Spanish, Zahler, Sara L., Avizia Y. Long and Bret Linford (eds.), pp. 1–17 | Chapter
This study reports on the production of the five Spanish vowels in stressed and unstressed contexts by English-speaking advanced learners of Spanish at two experience levels who differed according to phonological short-term memory (PSTM) capacity. Our findings indicate that learners with higher… read more
The current study examines the combined effect of type and quantity of contact with the target language on the second language development of a variable structure, ‘subject pronoun expression’ in L2 Spanish. A written contextualized task and a language contact questionnaire were given to 26… read more
Daidone, Danielle and Sara L. Zahler 2016 The future is in the past: A diachronic analysis of variable future-in-the-past expression in SpanishInquiries in Hispanic Linguistics: From theory to empirical evidence, Cuza, Alejandro, Lori Czerwionka and Daniel Olson (eds.), pp. 317–334 | Article
This study examines variation in Spanish future-in-the-past expression across six centuries in order to determine if this variation parallels canonical future variation diachronically. Future-in-the-past tokens in the conditional (e.g., iría “would go”) and imperfect go-periphrasis (e.g., iba a ir… read more