Margherita Dore

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Humour in Self-Translation

Edited by Margherita Dore

[Topics in Humor Research, 11] 2022. xi, 278 pp.
Subjects Humor studies | Theoretical literature & literary studies | Translation Studies


Dore, Margherita 2022 Chapter 6. Humour, language variation and self-translation in stand-up comedyHumour in Self-Translation, Dore, Margherita (ed.), pp. 113–140 | Chapter
This chapter concentrates on self-translation, humour and language variation in Marsha De Salvatore’s stand-up routines. She is a professional Italian American comedian whose one-woman shows talk about her chronic illness (i.e., Beta-Thalassemia Major) and her life in Italy as a… read more
Dore, Margherita 2022 Chapter 1. Humour in self-translation: Reasons and rationaleHumour in Self-Translation, Dore, Margherita (ed.), pp. 1–12 | Chapter
This introduction sets off by reflecting on migration in relation to multilingualism and self-translation. It explores the migration phenomenon over time but focuses in particular on the 21st century and the way migrants seek integration into the hosting country while, at the same time,… read more
This study focuses on stand-up comedy in English at Rome’s Comedy Club and investigates how the comedians and the audience deal with humor based on stereotypes about Italians and foreigners living in Italy (e.g. culture shock, cultural differences and identity issues). Moreover, this article… read more