Guillemette Henry

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Studies of macrostructure in bilingual children investigated potential age and language effects, without systematically taking into account bilingualism factors such as language dominance, exposure to narratives, and general language abilities. These issues were addressed in a study of… read more
Fiani, Rachel, Guillemette Henry and Philippe Prévost 2020 Narrative comprehension in Lebanese Arabic-French bilingual childrenDeveloping Narrative Comprehension: Multilingual Assessment Instrument for Narratives, Bohnacker, Ute and Natalia Gagarina (eds.), pp. 31–60 | Chapter
This chapter examines the development of comprehension of macrostructure in narratives by 48 simultaneous bilingual Lebanese Arabic-French children aged 4–9. Fictional storytelling and narrative comprehension tasks were administered in both languages, using the Multilingual Assessment Instrument… read more