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This chapter examines the closing section of William Trevor’s short story, “Cheating at Canasta” (2007). Focussing on shifts in narrative viewpoint in the passage, the chapter teases out the complex transitions in viewpoint features, showing how Mallory, the story’s… read more
Short, Mick 2017 Chapter 3. Listing and impressionism in Charles Dickens’s description of Genoa in Pictures from ItalyThe Stylistics of Landscapes, the Landscapes of Stylistics, Douthwaite, John, Daniela Francesca Virdis and Elisabetta Zurru (eds.), pp. 31–44 | Chapter
This chapter examines a subset of representative list constructions in Dickens’s description of Genoa. Such constructions comprise nearly 20% of the text and those examined in detail are varied in type, long, complex and contain significant deviations from the norm. This linguistic complexity is… read more
Short, Mick 2016 Chapter 10. Stylistics and “He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven” by W.B. YeatsLinguistics and Literary History: In honour of Sylvia Adamson, Auer, Anita, Victorina González-Díaz, Jane Hodson and Violeta Sotirova (eds.), pp. 195–212 | Article
This chapter will provide a detailed stylistic analysis of ‘He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven’ by W. B. Yeats. The analysis will combine of a range of analytical methods, most of which will be of the ‘good old steam stylistics’ variety, as Ron Carter has called them, e.g. lexical, grammatical and… read more
Short, Mick and Elena Semino 2008 7. Evaluation and stylistic analysisThe Quality of Literature: Linguistic studies in literary evaluation, Peer, Willie van (ed.), pp. 117–137 | Article