Linda Konnerth

List of John Benjamins publications for which Linda Konnerth plays a role.



Previous theoretical discussion about inverse systems has largely revolved around the synchronic and diachronic relationship between the inverse and the passive. In contrast, this study argues for the antipassive origins of two inverse constructions in Monsang (Trans-Himalayan), which are used… read more
In a reported intentionality construction, intentionality is expressed as reported speech/thought (‘s/he says/thinks, <I will go>’). The quoted clause must contain a first person form and refer to the future. Reported intentionality displays perspective persistence and an accompanying apparent… read more
Matisoff (2003) reconstructs an “adjectival prefix” *gV-, based on work by Wolfenden (1929). As a result of surveying grammatical descriptions of more than 90 Tibeto-Burman languages, the present study provides evidence to reconstruct Matisoff’s adjectival prefix as a nominalizer whose functional… read more
There is a functional overlap between motion towards the deictic center and (di-)transitive events directed at speech act participants. Grammatical evidence for this comes from verbal morphemes that are used in motional clauses like ‘come to me!’ and ditransitive clauses like ‘give (it) to me!’… read more