Nicoleta Bateman

List of John Benjamins publications for which Nicoleta Bateman plays a role.


Montrul, Silvina and Nicoleta Bateman 2020 Chapter 11. Differential Object Marking in Romanian as a heritage languageThe Acquisition of Differential Object Marking, Mardale, Alexandru and Silvina Montrul (eds.), pp. 285–311
This cross-generational study investigated the potential vulnerability of DOM in the oral production of Romanian heritage speakers as a function of age of onset of bilingualism (simultaneous vs. sequential bilinguals). In Romanian DOM marking generally co-exists with accusative clitic doubling (CD). read more | Chapter
Research on linguistic identity and community membership negotiation in the fields of second language acquisition and heritage language has rightly focused on adolescents and older individuals. Aiming to fill a gap in the literature, this paper addresses this topic from the perspective of younger… read more | Article