Joe Blythe

List of John Benjamins publications for which Joe Blythe plays a role.


Dahmen, Josua and Joe Blythe 2022 Calibrating recipiency through pronominal referenceInteractional Linguistics 2:2, pp. 190–224 | Article
Participants in conversation have a range of options for referring to co-conversationalists – lexical, grammatical, embodied – regardless of their language. Personal pronouns have been described as the most unmarked way of achieving reference, where little else is accomplished other than the… read more
de Dear, Caroline, Joe Blythe, Francesco Possemato, Lesley Stirling, Rod Gardner, Ilana Mushin and Frances Kofod 2021 Locational pointing in Murrinhpatha, Gija, and English conversationsGesture 20:3, pp. 417–452 | Article
It has been suggested that the gestural accuracy used by speakers of Australian Aboriginal languages like Guugu Yimidhirr and Arrernte to indicate directions and represent topographic features is a consequence of absolute frame of reference being dominant in these languages; and that the… read more
Dingemanse, Mark, Joe Blythe and Tyko Dirksmeyer 2014 Formats for other-initiation of repair across languages: An exercise in pragmatic typologyStudies in Language 38:1, pp. 5–43 | Article
In conversation, people have to deal with problems of speaking, hearing, and understanding. We report on a cross-linguistic investigation of the conversational structure of other-initiated repair (also known as collaborative repair, feedback, requests for clarification, or grounding sequences). We… read more