Mégane Lesuisse

List of John Benjamins publications for which Mégane Lesuisse plays a role.


When an ambiguous lexical item appears within a familiar string of words, it can instantly receive an appropriate interpretation from this context, thus being saturated by it. Such a context may also short-circuit illocutionary and other pragmatic aspects of interpretation. We here extract from… read more
Lesuisse, Mégane and Maarten Lemmens 2018 Grammaticalisation cut short: A diachronic constructional view on English posture verbsGrammaticalization meets Construction Grammar, Coussé, Evie, Peter Andersson and Joel Olofsson (eds.), pp. 43–73 | Chapter
This article provides a corpus-based diachronic constructional analysis of the three English cardinal posture verbs (hence CPVs) sit, stand and lie. Contrary to their equivalents in genetically related languages, the English CPVs have not grammaticalised into locative, progressive, or habitual… read more