Emilie Destruel Johnson

List of John Benjamins publications for which Emilie Destruel Johnson plays a role.


Walker-Cecil, Kezia and Emilie Destruel Johnson 2021 Chapter 1. Interpretation of focus in Haitian Creole se-cleftsEast and West of The Pentacrest: Linguistic studies in honor of Paula Kempchinsky, Gupton, Timothy and Elizabeth Gielau (eds.), pp. 17–40
While past literature on Haitian Creole focus structures primarily concentrates on predicate clefts (see DeGraff, 1995; Glaude & Zribi-Hertz, 2012; Harbour, 2008; Lefebvre, 1990), few authors use empirical data to justify proposed interpretations of clefts. In this paper, we empirically test which… read more | Chapter
Destruel Johnson, Emilie and Caroline Féry 2019 Chapter 8. Compression in French: Effect of length and information status on the prosody of post-verbal sequencesRomance Languages and Linguistic Theory 15: Selected papers from 'Going Romance' 30, Frankfurt, Feldhausen, Ingo, Martin Elsig, Imme Kuchenbrandt and Mareike Neuhaus (eds.), pp. 157–176
This paper sheds light on the conditions for post-focal and post-verbal compression in French canonical sentences. We report on a production experiment, which results suggest that arguments and adjuncts are phrased differently, and that length and information structure only exert a significant… read more | Chapter
Leal, Tania, Emilie Destruel Johnson and Bradley Hoot 2018 The realization of information focus in monolingual and bilingual native SpanishLinguistic Approaches to Bilingualism 8:2, pp. 217–251
The strategies used to signal information focus — the non-presupposed part of a sentence — in Spanish are under debate. The literature suggests that focus must appear rightmost; however, empirical evidence shows that speakers also realize focus in-situ. Moreover, there is limited research… read more | Article