Jingwei Zhang

List of John Benjamins publications for which Jingwei Zhang plays a role.



Zhang, Jingwei 2019 Tone mergers in Cantonese: Evidence from Hong Kong, Macao, and ZhuhaiRegional Chinese in Contact, Walker, James A. (ed.), pp. 28–49 | Article
This study investigates tone mergers in the Cantonese spoken in Hong Kong, Macao, and Zhuhai. From these three cities, 150 native Cantonese speakers were recruited, stratified by gender and age. Acoustic analyses show that Hong Kong Cantonese and Macao Cantonese are actively merging T2[25] and… read more
Zhang, Jingwei, Yanyong Zhang and Daming Xu 2019 A variationist approach to tone categorization in CantoneseChinese Language and Discourse 10:1, pp. 1–16 | Article
This study examines tone mergers in Hong Kong Cantonese from the perspective of variationist sociolinguistics. It approaches the issue of whether Cantonese has six or nine tones by focusing on two ongoing tone mergers: (1) the merger of yin qu T3 and yang qu T6, and (2) the merger of lower yin ru… read more