Bradley McDonnell

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This article describes adverbial universal quantification in Besemah, a little-described Malayic language of southwest Sumatra, and how the syntactic position of the quantifier relates to grammatical relations and information structure. Given previous descriptions of the relationship between… read more
McDonnell, Bradley 2020 Chapter 10. The pragmatics of ‘light nouns’ in BesemahThe ‘Noun Phrase’ across Languages: An emergent unit in interaction, Ono, Tsuyoshi and Sandra A. Thompson (eds.), pp. 237–270 | Chapter
Perhaps the most widely discussed aspect of the NP in western Austronesian languages is the relative clause, which is described in terms of its syntactic relation to the noun it modifies. It is expressed by a ‘relativizer’ and a so-called ‘gap’ in the modifying clause that is co-referential with… read more