Marcelle Cole

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Subjects English linguistics | Germanic linguistics | Historical linguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Cole, Marcelle 2018 A native origin for Present-Day English they, their, them Diachronica 35:2, pp. 165–209 | Article
It is commonly held that Present-Day English they, their, them are not descended from Old English but derive from the Old Norse third-person plural pronouns þeir, þeira, þeim. This paper argues that the early northern English orthographic and distributional textual evidence agrees with an… read more
It has generally been assumed that the Northern Subject Rule (NSR), a grammatical constraint which conditioned present verbal morphology in northern Middle English according to the type and position of the subject, did not exist in Old Northumbrian (Pietsch 2005; de Haas 2008). Using data from the… read more