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Metaphor in Specialist Discourse

Edited by J. Berenike Herrmann and Tony Berber Sardinha

Subjects Cognition and language | Cognitive linguistics | Dictionaries | Pragmatics | Theoretical linguistics

Multi-Dimensional Analysis, 25 years on: A tribute to Douglas Biber

Edited by Tony Berber Sardinha and Marcia Veirano Pinto

[Studies in Corpus Linguistics, 60] 2014. xxxviii, 328 pp.
Subjects Computational & corpus linguistics | Discourse studies | Theoretical linguistics


Berber Sardinha, Tony 2022 A text typology of social mediaRegister and social media, Clarke, Isobelle and Jack Grieve (eds.), pp. 138–170 | Article
This paper introduces an initial text typology of social media posts from a multi-dimensional (MD) perspective. Text types are “[g]roupings of text that are similar in their linguistic form” (Biber 1989: 13). This text typology is based on a new MD analysis of social media messages presented in… read more
Berber Sardinha, Tony and Marcia Veirano Pinto 2021 A linguistic typology of American televisionCorpus approaches to telecinematic language, Bednarek, Monika, Valentin Werner and Marcia Veirano Pinto (eds.), pp. 127–160 | Article
This paper presents the first entirely linguistic typology of contemporary American television, derived from a multi-dimensional (MD) analysis of the USTV corpus. The USTV corpus comprises 930 texts from 191 different TV programs, classified into 31 different registers (including nine… read more
Zuppardi, Maria Carolina and Tony Berber Sardinha 2020 A multi-dimensional view of collocations in academic writingAdvances in Corpus-based Research on Academic Writing: Effects of discipline, register, and writer expertise, Römer-Barron, Ute, Viviana Cortes and Eric Friginal (eds.), pp. 333–354 | Chapter
This chapter discusses the identification of the major sets of interrelated collocations in academic writing across different disciplines, or dimensions of collocation. A corpus of textbooks and research articles from Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences, containing 10.6 million words across… read more
Berber Sardinha, Tony and Marcia Veirano Pinto 2019 Dimensions of variation across American television registersInternational Journal of Corpus Linguistics 24:1, pp. 3–32 | Article
The goal of this study is to identify the dimensions of variation across American television programs, following the multidimensional analysis (MD) framework introduced by Biber (1988). Although television is a major form of mass communication, there has been no previous large-scale MD study of… read more
This paper presents a study that sought to identify the dimensions of variation underlying a corpus of Internet texts, using Biber’s (1988) multi-dimensional (MD) analysis framework. The corpus was compiled following the method proposed by Biber (1993), according to which the size of each… read more
Berber Sardinha, Tony 2017 Lexical priming and register variationLexical Priming: Applications and advances, Pace-Sigge, Michael and Katie J. Patterson (eds.), pp. 189–229 | Chapter
Lexical priming predicts that repeated encounters with lexical patterns will prime users for register awareness (Hoey 2013: 3344). To verify this prediction, this chapter reports on a study that determined the dimensions of collocation in American English, which are the parameters underlying the… read more
Berber Sardinha, Tony 2015 Register variation and metaphor use: A multi-dimensional perspectiveMetaphor in Specialist Discourse, Herrmann, J. Berenike and Tony Berber Sardinha (eds.), pp. 17–52 | Article
One of the consistent findings in the literature from a corpus-based perspective is that the incidence of metaphor varies across different registers. The goal of this chapter is to verify to what extent the variation in metaphor use is systematic in English, from a Multi-Dimensional perspective.… read more
Herrmann, J. Berenike and Tony Berber Sardinha 2015 Metaphor in specialist discourseMetaphor in Specialist Discourse, Herrmann, J. Berenike and Tony Berber Sardinha (eds.), pp. 3–14 | Article
This chapter introduces the overall purpose, theoretical background, and structure of this collective volume. We start with our initial motivation, advancing the empirical study of metaphor in specialist discourse. Matching our goal, depicting metaphor use across a range of specialist domains and… read more
Berber Sardinha, Tony 2014 Chapter 1.3 25 years later: Comparing Internet and pre-Internet registersMulti-Dimensional Analysis, 25 years on: A tribute to Douglas Biber, Berber Sardinha, Tony and Marcia Veirano Pinto (eds.), pp. 81–108 | Article
This chapter presents a study aimed at comparing Internet and pre-Internet text varieties along the dimensions of register variation introduced by Biber (1988). The research uses the recommendations for corpus design set forth by Biber (1993) for the compilation of a representative corpus of online… read more
Berber Sardinha, Tony and Marcia Veirano Pinto 2014 IntroductionMulti-Dimensional Analysis, 25 years on: A tribute to Douglas Biber, Berber Sardinha, Tony and Marcia Veirano Pinto (eds.), pp. xv–xxvi | Section header
Berber Sardinha, Tony, Carlos Kauffmann and Cristina Mayer Acunzo 2014 Chapter 1.2 Dimensions of register variation in Brazilian PortugueseMulti-Dimensional Analysis, 25 years on: A tribute to Douglas Biber, Berber Sardinha, Tony and Marcia Veirano Pinto (eds.), pp. 35–80 | Article
In this chapter, we present an MD analysis of Brazilian Portuguese, based on the Brazilian Register Variation Corpus, comprising 48 different spoken and written registers. The previous literature on text varieties in Brazilian Portuguese focuses on specific aspects of one or at most a few varieties… read more
Berber Sardinha, Tony 2012 Chapter 1. An assessment of metaphor retrieval methodsMetaphor in Use: Context, culture, and communication, MacArthur, Fiona, José Luis Oncins-Martínez, Manuel Sánchez-García and Ana M. Piquer-Píriz (eds.), pp. 21–50 | Chapter
This chapter offers a quantitative assessment of different techniques and tools for retrieving metaphors from large electronic corpora. These are (i) reading parts of a larger corpus in order to find candidates that are then sought for in the whole corpus; (ii) searching for metaphors using… read more
Berber Sardinha, Tony 2011 Corpus Linguistics in South AmericaPerspectives on Corpus Linguistics, Viana, Vander, Sonia Zyngier and Geoff Barnbrook (eds.), pp. 29–46 | Article
Based at the Linguistics Department and at the Applied Linguistics Graduate Program (both at the Catholic University of São Paulo, Brazil), Tony Berber Sardinha brings a South American perspective to the present volume. More specifically, he draws on his teaching/research experience in Brazil to… read more
Berber Sardinha, Tony 2008 6. Metaphor probabilities in corporaConfronting Metaphor in Use: An applied linguistic approach, Zanotto, Mara Sophia, Lynne Cameron and Marilda C. Cavalcanti (eds.), pp. 127–147 | Article
Berber Sardinha, Tony 2001 Lexical segments in textPatterns of Text: In honour of Michael Hoey, Scott, Mike and Geoff Thompson † (eds.), pp. 213–237 | Article
Editors’ introduction Berber Sardinha’s paper deals with a problem, namely text segmentation, which connects at several points with those of the other contributors to this volume. Like Scott, Sinclair and Coulthard, Berber Sardinha is interested in understanding the computer’s understanding of… read more