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L3 Development After the Initial State

Edited by Megan M. Brown-Bousfield, Suzanne Flynn and Éva Fernández-Berkes

[Studies in Bilingualism, 65] 2023. vi, 275 pp.
Subjects Language acquisition | Multilingualism | Theoretical linguistics


Brown-Bousfield, Megan M., Éva Fernández-Berkes and Suzanne Flynn 2023 L3 development after the initial state: IntroductionL3 Development After the Initial State, Brown-Bousfield, Megan M., Suzanne Flynn and Éva Fernández-Berkes (eds.), pp. 1–6 | Chapter
Fernández-Berkes, Éva and Suzanne Flynn 2023 Grammatical mapping in L3 acquisition: A theory of developmentL3 Development After the Initial State, Brown-Bousfield, Megan M., Suzanne Flynn and Éva Fernández-Berkes (eds.), pp. 8–28 | Chapter
In this chapter, we focus on the question of how development may take place in multilingual (L3) acquisition and the role of prior knowledge in this process. The theoretical paradigm called Grammatical Mapping (GM) (Lust, 2012 for L1 acquisition) supposes an active, albeit unconscious, creative… read more
Fernández-Berkes, Éva and Suzanne Flynn 2021 Vindicating the need for a principled theory of language acquisitionEpistemological issue: Sources of knowledge in L3 acquisition, Flores, Cristina and Neal Snape (eds.), pp. 30–36 | Commentary
Flynn, Suzanne and Éva Fernández-Berkes 2017 Chapter 2. Toward a new understanding of syntactic CLI: Evidence from L2 and L3 acquisitionL3 Syntactic Transfer: Models, new developments and implications, Angelovska, Tanja and Angela Hahn (eds.), pp. 35–61 | Chapter
With the aim to attain a principled understanding of adult L2/L3 acquisition, we present data from a large corpus that focuses on L2/L3 identification of nominal gaps of empty categories. We show that both surface and abstract properties of the target language play significant roles in development.… read more
Fernández-Berkes, Éva and Suzanne Flynn 2012 Further evidence in support of the Cumulative-Enhancement Model: CP structure developmentThird Language Acquisition in Adulthood, Cabrelli, Jennifer, Suzanne Flynn and Jason Rothman (eds.), pp. 143–164 | Article
The Cumulative- Enhancement Model proposed by Flynn et al. (2004) seeks to provide an explanatory model for multiple language acquisition. Results reported in this paper present further evidence in support of this model. Results of an elicited imitation task comparing the production of relative… read more