Rong Chen

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In this paper, we report on how authors of academic writing in Chinese (AWC) refer to themselves as single authors in the area of language studies. We find that AWC writers rely on the 1st-person plural 我们 women “we,” 3rd-person NPs such as 作者/笔者 zuozhe/bizhe “this author,” and… read more
Plural marking reaches most corners of languages. When a noun occurs with another linguistic element, which is called associate in this paper, plural marking on the two-component structure has four logically possible patterns: doubly unmarked, noun-marked, associate-marked and doubly marked.… read more
In this chapter I present two examples in Chinese that illustrate the efficacy of combining cognitive linguistics with pragmatics in the study of language. The first is the greeting ni chi le mo?(你吃了没?) ‘How are you?’ in a Chinese dialect about which I argue that an adequate analysis is obtained by… read more
In this paper, I report on a quasi-case study of U.S. presidential identity based on Donald J. Trump’s presidency, demonstrating that Trump is considered by the American public as an antithesis of presidentiality. I then discuss the insights from this study on several critical issues that face… read more
Chen, Rong 2011 The mind as ground: A study of the English existential constructionMotivation in Grammar and the Lexicon, Panther, Klaus-Uwe and Günter Radden (eds.), pp. 49–70 | Article
Working within the cognitive linguistics theoretical framework (Langacker 1987, 1991; Talmy 2000a, 2000b) and based on the Ground-before-Figure (GbF) model developed in Chen (2003), this paper argues that the there-existential construction presents a ground before a figure. As such, the… read more
Nie, Yaning and Rong Chen 2008 WATER metaphors and metonymies in Chinese: A semantic networkPragmatics & Cognition 16:3, pp. 492–516 | Article
This paper studies how the concept WATER is metonymically and metaphorically extended to six super-domains: NATURE, LIFE SUSTAINER, MOVEMENT, POWER, PURITY, and WOMAN. We demonstrate that these six target domains are related to each other in intricate ways and within each are a number of… read more