Helma Pasch

List of John Benjamins publications for which Helma Pasch plays a role.


Pasch, Helma and Faustin Dusa Gumekpala 2024 Chapter 16. On politeness and taboo among the ZandeAnthropological Linguistics: Perspectives from Africa, Hollington, Andrea, Alice Mitchell and Nico Nassenstein (eds.), pp. 425–452 | Chapter
Azande living in rural areas have to obey many rules of behavior, many of which are determined by politeness or are rules determined by taboos, which are often interrelated. Politeness rules concern behavior towards other people, and they depend on age, social hierarchy and in-law-relationships.… read more
The metaphoric function of body-part terms to denote entire things in other domains is a frequent phenomenon. Body-part terms, are, however, also used to refer to specific parts of inanimate items, a phenomenon which is more frequent in African than in European languages. The names of certain… read more
Zande has only few genuine emotion terms, most of them being specific notions of polysemous non-emotion terms. Many emotions are described by metaphorical constructions with bodypart terms. They can all be easily elicited, but they are normally used to describe weak or socially acceptable emotions,… read more
Pasch, Helma 2014 Chapter 12. Number and numerals in ZandeNumber – Constructions and Semantics: Case studies from Africa, Amazonia, India and Oceania, Storch, Anne and Gerrit J. Dimmendaal (eds.), pp. 309–328 | Article
In Zande singular and plural are distinguished morphologically on nouns, pronouns and verbs, but nouns and pronouns can also be marked for associative plural. While some number-mismatch can be observed with regard to the choice of pronouns in possessive constructions, number marking with regard to… read more
Pasch, Helma 1997 SangoContact Languages: A wider perspective, Thomason, Sarah G. (ed.), pp. 209–270 | Article