Elliot G. Mishler

List of John Benjamins publications for which Elliot G. Mishler plays a role.


Mishler, Elliot G. 1995 Models of Narrative Analysis: A TypologyJournal of Narrative and Life History 5:2, pp. 87–123 | Article
Abstract The recent increase in the number of narrative studies in the human sciences is marked by great diversity in methods and theoretical perspectives. Researchers offer different answers to many questions, from what constitutes a narrative and how different genres may be specified to the aims… read more
Mishler, Elliot G. 1991 "Once Upon a Time . . . ."Journal of Narrative and Life History 1:2/3, pp. 101–108 | Article
Abstract Transcription is the general procedure used in studies of discourse to re-present speech as written text. Different notation systems have been proposed, and emphasis is often placed on achieving a high level of precision and accuracy of transcripts. In this article, transcription is… read more