Roel van Steensel

List of John Benjamins publications for which Roel van Steensel plays a role.



Over the last years public attention has focused more and more on preschool playgroups as a means of improving ethnic minority' children's chances for later school success. With regard to literacy development, one of the pillars of the school curriculum, ethnic minority children often appear to lag… read more
In order to prepare children from disadvantaged backgrounds for primary education, early intervention programs are used. Generally, a distinction is made between two types of intervention activities: those which are conducted at home (family-based activities) and those which are conducted in, for… read more
The Chinese community in the Netherlands has long been overlooked by governmental policy makers. Due to important social and economic changes within the community, this situation has changed: the discussion on an official minority status has been initiated. This has led to an increase in the… read more