Gianguido Manzelli

List of John Benjamins publications for which Gianguido Manzelli plays a role.


Manzelli, Gianguido 2015 Mutual influences in negative patterns between Finno-Ugric and Turkic languages in the Volga-Kama areaNegation in Uralic Languages, Miestamo, Matti, Anne Tamm and Beáta Wagner-Nagy (eds.), pp. 633–652 | Article
More than a millenium of contact between Finno-Ugric (Mordvin, Mari and Permic) and Turkic languages (Bulgar-Chuvash and Volga Kipchak) in the Volga-Kama area have produced conditions of multilingualism and mutual linguistic influence. Lexical borrowings have been well studied and offer a starting… read more
Fedriani, Chiara, Gianguido Manzelli and Paolo Ramat 2013 Gradualness in contact-induced constructional replication: The Abstract Possession construction in the Circum-Mediterranean areaSynchrony and Diachrony: A dynamic interface, Giacalone Ramat, Anna, Caterina Mauri and Piera Molinelli (eds.), pp. 391–418 | Article
It is widely appreciated that the linguistic category of possession does not reduce to any single, familiar value, such as ownership. A moment’s thought reveals the extraordinary variety of the relationships coded by possessive constructions. (Langacker 1991: 169)In this paper we investigate the… read more
Although possession is one of the most widely studied topics in linguistics, this is not true of pronominal possession and emphatic pronominal possession. The present paper is a survey of the different morphosyntactic strategies adopted to express both emphatic pronominal possession and… read more