Ming-Yu Tseng

List of John Benjamins publications for which Ming-Yu Tseng plays a role.


This study investigates how affect is manifested in the pragmeme of delivering a health directive in the Covid-19 context and how affect co-participates in the pragmeme. This research draws on theoretical insights from pragmeme theory, relevance theory, and the recent distributed language view,… read more
This chapter investigates how uncertainty is communicated in highly-rated medical answers. Particular attention is paid to the discourse elements that may render the use of vague language to be more positively than negatively received during the delivery of helpful answers to health information… read more
Based on questionnaire data in response to six excerpts of Australian online health information, this study investigates university students’ attitudes towards elastic language (EL). The findings show that averaging all six cases a neutral attitude is found, with no strong preference for EL or… read more
Tseng, Ming-Yu 2018  genre as struggle : Toward a cognitive-pragmatic account of an emerging genreCognitive Perspectives on Genre, Vergaro, Carla (ed.), pp. 483–514 | Article
This study investigates the cognitive-pragmatic motivations for the emergence of a genre of health communication called Patient Decision Aid (PDA). It elucidates genre as struggle, i.e. how the emerging genre exemplifies various struggles on three strata: the difficulties facing patients,… read more
This study investigates creative product descriptions (CPDs) in an intercultural context, especially with respect to cultural references (CRs) and lexical cohesion. More specifically, it examines (i) how CRs are utilized in CPDs written in English for intercultural communication, (ii) how… read more
This study addresses Chinese discourse creativity in product discourse within Taiwan’s creative industries. Product discourse not merely introduces creative products but also does it creatively. Based on a corpus of 20 examples, this paper proposes the notion of creative force, a chain of acts… read more
The product story, an emerging genre increasingly used in creative industries, introduces the product by means of storytelling. Unlike a typical personal narrative, which reports events, the product story, which usually includes one or more pictures showing the item for sale, uses the past as a… read more