Rudy Loock

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Subjects Discourse studies | English linguistics | Germanic linguistics | Pragmatics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


We examine the possible impact of frequency differences between a construction in L1 and its equivalent in L2 on translations. Our case is that of existential there in English and existential il y a in French. Using corpus evidence, we first confirm previous claims that existential there is used… read more
The aim of the article is to complement a quantitative study on existential constructions in French and English, both in translated and original texts and based on the exploitation of comparable corpora (Cappelle & Loock 2013). What this article shows is that such an overall quantitative approach… read more
The aim of this article is to complement and refine Ellen Prince’s well-known taxonomy of given/new information (Prince 1981, 1992), which distinguishes between discourse-related and assumed familiarity-related newness/givenness. What we suggest is that a new category should be added to the… read more
The goal of this paper is to compare appositive relative clauses (henceforth ARCs) to other structures that convey the same information, in order to determine the morphosyntactic, semantic and above all pragmatic factors conditioning the choice of structure. Alternatives to ARCs examined here… read more
Auran, Cyril and Rudy Loock 2010 Appositive Relative Clauses and their prosodic realization in spoken discourseConstraints in Discourse 2, Kühnlein, Peter, Anton Benz and Candace L. Sidner (eds.), pp. 163–178 | Article
Recent research on discourse has shown that Appositive Relative Clauses (ARCs) can be defined positively in spite of a long tradition in which they are defined asymmetrically with respect to Determinative Relative Clauses (DRCs). Particularly, Loock (2007) has shown that ARCs fulfill specific… read more
Loock, Rudy 2007 'Are you a good which or a bad which?' The relative pronoun as a plain connectiveConnectives as Discourse Landmarks, Celle, Agnès and Ruth Huart (eds.), pp. 71–87 | Article