Walter Nash

List of John Benjamins publications for which Walter Nash plays a role.


Nash, Walter 2008 Afterword. A Matter of versifying: Tradition, innovation and the sonnet form in EnglishDirections in Empirical Literary Studies: In honor of Willie van Peer, Zyngier, Sonia, Marisa Bortolussi, Anna Chesnokova and Jan Auracher (eds.), pp. 329–342 | Miscellaneous
“Tradition” is represented by “formalist” (“metrist”) verse; “Innovation” by “aformalist” (“free”) composition. This birthday tribute to Professor van Peer takes the formalist side, and discusses innovation and its possibilities in the context of the sonnet form. The form and its traditional… read more
Nash, Walter 2008 8. The value of JuvenalThe Quality of Literature: Linguistic studies in literary evaluation, Peer, Willie van (ed.), pp. 139–156 | Article